What is Aquamation or Bio-cremation?

Aquamation is a gentle, water-based method of accelerating the natural process of returning your pet’s body to the earth. Using water, potassium, and sodium salts, the organic matter of the body is reduced to dissolved salts and calcium phosphate bone “ash” (which is returned to you in private aquamation).

The Green Alternative to Flame

The process uses 90% less energy than flame-based cremation, has--at most--1/10th the carbon footprint, no harmful greenhouse gases or mercury emission, and eliminates all chemicals or diseases that might be present at the time of death (including viruses, bacteria, chemotherapy agents, euthanasia solution, and medications.)  

On average, 20% more remains will be returned to you after a private Aquamation vs the Flame Cremation process.

Aquamation is the method of choice for many human research and hospital facilities dealing with after care of human remains, including the Mayo Clinic and UCLA Medical School. 


Service Options

Private Aquamation - your pet is placed in a separate chamber for Aquamation and their ashes are returned to you in an urn to keep or for scattering.

Communal Aquamation - your pet is placed with other pets for Aquamation and ashes are not returned. The ashes will be scattered with other pets.