We offer no-cost pick up and delivery service at area veterinary hospitals.

  • We have a regular pick-up schedule with area clinics. If your pet's doctor is not already on our schedule, we will be happy to add them to our route. We visit most clinics twice a week - Your doctor can call and we will attempt to accommodate special pick up needs if necessary.
  • We can also make arrangements to pick up your pet's body at your home if you prefer. Please call us to arrange this service in advance if possible. We understand that this is not always possible because of an unexpected passing. We make every effort to make the trip as quickly as possible. While awaiting our arrival, please keep your pet's body in a cool place or cover with ice to limit decomposition.

Private Bio-Cremation

  • If your family elects private Bio-Cremation, your pet's body will marked for private Aquamation by your veterinarian or our staff. This tag will stay with your pet through the process. As this is a water based process, blankets, collars, ID tags and other items left with your pet may remain with the body during the process. Items made of natural fibers (leather, wool, silk, cotton) will be broken down in the process. Items from synthetic materials may not. These items can be returned to you with your pet's ashes, if you desire.
  • During Private Bio-Cremation your pet's body is placed in it's own bio-cremation vessel, separated from other pets.
  • The water and nutrients are returned to the environment and the bone remains are dried prior to return to families.
  • Once dry, bone remains will be placed in an urn and returned to your family, the process takes approximately 7 days, but can take up to 10 for a large dog.
  • This water based process typically results in 20% more remains returned to your family.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, we will return your pet's remains to your veterinary clinic.
  • We can also make arrangements to deliver your pet's remains to your house for an additional fee ($30). Please let us know if you would like this service and we will take care of the arrangements for you. Someone will need to be home to sign for the delivery so we can ensure your pet's remains are returned to you.

Communal Bio-Cremation

  • If communal bio-cremation is right for your family, your pet's body will be treated with the same respect as pets who's ashes are to be returned to their families. These pets are placed in a larger vessel with other pets during the process. The bone remains are not returned to families, instead they are spread by us for their final resting place.