Pet Memorials

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In memory of all the Special Pets that have passed


11/15/2004 - 7/15/2017

Trout was Ark Animal Hospital's Clinic cat. A special needs kitty that had suffered a broken pelvis and resulting hip arthritis as she got older. She enjoyed her time at the clinic greeting clients and scowling at other pets (and hated her medication). The clinic isn't quite the same without her devious pranks and stealing your chair when you get up to get an invoice from the printer. We all miss her!


Remembering our Scooter

April 14, 2000 - August 21, 2017

Scooter passed away on the afternoon of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 leaving us for the bigger universe. He was 17+ years old.

Scooter helped us raise five beautiful grandchildren with amazing tolerance. He loved doing tricks for them as long as the treats kept coming.

Scooter took his job of patrolling and guarding the house seriously. His favorite post was lying on top of the sofa in the front room looking out the window. Up until his last few months, Scooter answered every doorbell with utmost enthusiasm if not downright suspicion.

Scooter never forgot to remind us when it was his meal time. He was reluctant to take walks unless he had an entourage of family members and then would take the lead. He loved finding sun spots to nap in but disdained the rain.

In his younger years Scooter climbed Iron Mountain. A little dog but mighty in spirit. He floated the Willamette in a kayak wearing his life vest, of course.

A high point in his life was chasing five deer from the neighbor's yard making sure they were well down the street. He came back tail curled up in pride.

Burrowing in the bed covers was first on the list of his Dachshund's Bill of Rights.

The best part of every day for Scooter was having everyone home so he could relax. Preferably on the couch with his favorite blanket and next to a family member. All he really wanted in life was to be with us. How could we be so fortunate. We love and miss you so much, Scooter.