Frequently asked Questions

  1. What actually happens?
    • The body is placed in a container which is then placed in a stainless steel vessel. A combination of water flow, temperature and alkalinity are utilized to accelerate the natural process of tissue hydrolysis over the course of approximately 20 hours.
    • At the end of the process, the body has been returned to it's natural form - the building blocks of life - dissolved in water. The only solid that remains are the bone mineral which can be returned to your family if you wish (private Bio-Cremation).
  2. I have a lizard, can pets other than cats and dogs go through this process?
    • Yes, any animal less than 400# that will fit in the vessel can technically undergo the Bio-Cremation process. Pets cremated include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, snakes, hamsters, rats, sheep, goats, alpacas, and even most llamas at our facility using the water based process. 
  3. Is the body dissolved in acid?
    • No, alkaline hydrolysis uses a catalyst, Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide. These are Alkali, the chemical opposite of an acid.
  4. What happens to the water?
    • We work with local landowners to secure safe places to return the water to the environment so as not to use the wastewater treatment system. The water is completely safe for wastewater systems, however, we feel a more fit place for this water is to be spread on the land. The water has been shown to improve the soil health, increase plant health and improve the environment where it is spread. We feel this allows our pets to further improve the world around us and increases the environmentally friendly nature of the process.
  5. Are the powdered ashes safe to handle?
    • Yes, the remains are 100% safe, pathogen and disease free. 
    • The ash returned to the family is bone mineral (calcium and phosphate). The ashes will keep in an urn or can be scattered in a special place, as the family desires.
  6. How will I know that the ashes I receive are from my pet?
    • We have strict processes in place to ensure that remains are retuned properly to their families. Identification tags follow your pet's body through the entire process to ensure the remains are properly returned to their owners. 
  7. As a water based process, can I send collars, favorite blankets. and toys with my pet?
    • You may send these items with your pet's remains, however, unless they are organic in nature, they may not be altered by the process.
    • If you choose to send these items, please let us know if you would like them returned to you. We will make every effort to fulfill your wishes. Additionally, any metal implants or foreign objects that your pet may have consumed may also remain after the process. Please let us know if you would like these items returned.